Name: James Mills
Born: January 8, 1966
Instruments: Drums, piano, guitar
Likes: Clothes, food, nostalgia
Dislikes: Opinions
Favorite food: Greek
Favorite drink: Beer
Favorite records: White Album, Omay Yad (PF), Soft Machine 2
Favorite films: Cassavetes
Favorite TV: I Spy, Danger Man
Favorite book: Das Energi
Favorite radio station: WPIE 1500 AM
Dream endorsement: '60s-'70s pinball reissues
Favorite place on earth: Light dream state

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Name: Heidi Servey
Born: 1/1/74
Instruments: Bass, melodica
Likes: Sun, marble, animals, recording studios
Dislikes: Meanness
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite drink: Good English bitter
Favorite records: 'Rubycon' - Tangerine Dream, 'More' - Pink Floyd
Favorite films: Z, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, High and Low
Favorite TV: Sergeant Preston and Yukon King
Favorite book: War and Peace
Favorite radio station: KUSC
Dream endorsement: Olympic Airways
Favorite place on earth: Eagle's Nest and surrounding Alps



Name: Aaron Criswell
Born: 1969
Instruments: Stringed
Likes: Light
Dislikes: Cold
Favorite food: All
Favorite drink: Beer
Favorite records: Psychedelic
Favorite films: '70s
Favorite TV: '60s
Favorite books: Sci-fi
Favorite radio station: Who listens to radio?
Dream endorsement: NASA
Favorite place on earth: It's a secret


Jon Name: Jon Niemann
Born: Hatched
Instruments: Piano, electric piano, organ, guitars
Likes: Black
Dislikes: Phoney people
Favorite food: N/A
Favorite drink: Rockstar
Favorite records: Iggy, Johnny Thunders, Small Faces, Flaming Lips
Favorite films: David Lynch
Favorite TV: None
Favorite book: MacBook Pro
Favorite radio station: KFJC Los Altos Hills
Dream endorsement: Wurlitzer
Favorite place on earth: Studio