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Say you like my melodies, but you will never get your hands on me
The more I see ’bout how things are done, the less I want from you or anyone
Thanks to you, I almost lost my pure love for rock and roll

First you start by breaking the rules, then someone’s money turns you into fools
Smash things up, yes, you should still do, but there will never be another Who
Say your prayers when someone adds on the false maturity of Mellotron
Once macabre, now it’s the turtleneck of rock and roll

To be a parasite on the rich: now that is something that’s still worth shooting for

First you think you have to rebel
You don’t even have to do it well
Then you find that rebellion is not convincing as it’s all been done
So there’s nothing new anymore?
Well, I still have something I wake up for
So the boardroom killed rock and roll?
But I am music and that’s all I know
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THE END OF SUMMER   audio clip - notes

They might just stop the world tomorrow
So let me open up my heart
Let me hold you close tonight
Until the whole thing comes apart

If you’ve got something that you want to do
Think of this and nothing more
Start a flame inside before
The end of summer comes around

I try to keep it all together
But next to you I feel so old
You can’t believe that we’re so bad off
I can’t believe what we’ve been told

If you’ve got something that you want to do
Don’t believe that you can’t do it
Hurry find you own way through it
The end of summer comes around
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This is the medley I warned you about
You might not have the time it takes to play out
You always seem to be going somewhere ...

(At this point, the ineffectual singer attempts a number
of tricks, all futile, to get the listener’s attention.)

Turn off your radio
Turn off your stereo
You won’t be sorry
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 audio clip - notes

Do you know what you’re saying, Eddie?
Do you think that it’s all just a joke?
We won’t be forgiven for what we have done
Why would you want to tell anyone?

Do you know what you’re doing to me?
We’ve got the cash in the bag
With just ten more hours to be in the clear
Easy Street’s never seemed so near

Easy Street—
Where the trees hang down in endless day
And we stand above and drink and survey
And never ask a price again
No more hotels and chamber maids to leave without a trace
No saving soaps and kitchen raids, we’ll buy the fucking place

I know we’ll always have our problems
But I’d rather be rich than poor
They say that wealth will mess your mind up
But I don’t want to close that door
Misery brings strength
And I’m sure that's a rare and wondrous feeling!
But I’d rather be rich than poor
No one is ever always happy ...

Some people say that we are the ones who are bringing the country down
But then I stop and I look around, and things they look bad all around
Two happier people in this world has got to be a good thing

Do you know what you’re saying, Eddie?
Can I trust you to keep to the plan?
Just tell me you love me, don’t walk out that door
Don’t make me show you what this is for
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OVER AND OVERDUB   audio clip - notes

You’re feeling bad
And when you’re sad
You throw your weight around
But not on me
This time, I’m free
You still deserve it all

I’m not connected to you
I’m not refracted through you
And yes, I’m enjoying it
There’s nothing that’s more healing
Than to know that you’re still feeling
Worse than I ever did

The bridges burn
At every turn
You barely know me now
Three minutes long
Is never wrong
It’s all you ever need

You’d like to hypnotize us
You’d like to get inside us
That’s one place you’ll never be
’Cause even if you hear this
You can’t be sure who it is
By throwing your weight around
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  audio clip

Do you know what’s going on?
I’ve been there and I know it
No, nothing’s going wrong
You are strong down inside you

You are the passage from me to the world
You are the one and I know it
Giving up hope isn’t hard, but the world
Doesn’t quite like you to show it

Do you know what’s going on?
I’m fading and I know it
Soon, you will move into the light
Tell me, are you ready for a new world??

You are passage from me to the world
You are the one and I know it
I am the tree that is blown by the wind
You are the root down below it
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   audio clip

Turn on the radio and hear the air
Open the metal door and go nowhere
I don’t really need to make a stand
And I’m tired, yes I’m tired

Grey streets and stadiums are full of snow
Nothing that’s still around asks "Where’d they go?"
I don’t really need to understand
But I tried, yes I tried

And I’ve not forgotten why I hated you all

I always said that I’d be going away
But I’m alone here today
There’s no more reason to leave: you’re no longer here

The one mistake that always seems to be made
Is, though a couple are great,
That man as a whole can be good, though we know that he should

I stand before you at the end of the world
It wasn’t supposed to be good
And I’ve had better days, but not very many
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  audio clip

Remember when you came in?
Now you’re gone
Gone with no trace
All you are, all erased

Nonsensical, in vain, life just does what it does
You’re here and then you’re gone
Sense is a human thing

Our life is long
And we hope for our share
We stand in line
But then find nothing’s there

Throw your problems into the one only real abyss
There’s really only the one for you to understand

You cannot hide
And the hole never fades from you
Until you’ve died
And you fade to running eyes

Throw your problems into the one only real abyss
Embrace the void and be calm
Let go of the little ones
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FREE IN TIME    audio clip - notes

I took Sunset west
Of all the overrated ones, I guess he’s the best
I didn’t play too well
A weak goodbye and I undoubtedly failed the test

Free in time
You’ll see sometime
We’ll be fine

And so now it’s done
The game is over and we still don’t know what we’ve won
But you know we’re free
Of everybody in the world who’s just trying to be

Free in time
You’ll see sometime
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You and I
’Til we die
All the way
And I
First laid eyes
On a high
Winter’s day

Know I’ve tried
But I’ve nothing
More to say
Except I
Heaved a sigh
When I realized
I would stay

It’s not over yet
It has barely started ...
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No one can tell me what to do anymore
I’ve found a way out
Ain’t no train gonna take me out of here
Gonna find my own way

When you’re living in pain, it’s hard to stay together
The place I’m going, I’m gonna have money, the sun is shining and music playing
Where’s the sun now?

See, death is not dark, it’s a good thing
No one can hear me
Somebody out there could care, I know, but it’s just too hard to be heard
There’s too many people talking, I don’t know what language they’re speaking
Been in this hole too long
There’s too many people falling, all my favorite people are falling
The rest of the world’s not in any shape to cheer me up
As bad as I feel, they’re worse off than I am
But that doesn’t help

No one wants to work no more
I know there’s people out there
Sometimes people seem OK, but you know they always turn on you
People take advantage once they realize they can
If anybody can hear me, I wish they’d just stop taking advantage
I could never get that through to people
Anyway, I’ve found a way out ...

Can’t you see?
Baby you’re the one for me
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Sun comes up
The same each morning
Gently warming
And I get up so slow

Feel you move
Close then away, dear
But away
Is the only move that I know

Can’t let go
Life is a journey
And I
Don’t want to go
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Rocky landing
Busy airport
Two days to (reading the map) “Milano”
All the crazy people driving around
There’s so much here to do (says the guidebook)

Writing postcards on your holiday isn’t easy
All the semi-friends you left there at home
Are somehow still with you

Seeing the temples
Feeling your temples (groan)

Only three more days ’til you go back home
If you’re lucky, you can afford to go once in five years
And you’re waiting for it to begin

At the bottom of your holiday
Is a sigh
Everything has come down crashing on you
That’s the point you finally finally give up
Let go
Let goooooo
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